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Task 45 - Carnival Geography


Alan writes:

In Task 44 you asked me to begin a series of ‘relay’ tasks by setting you a ‘score’—a set of instructions that frame a physical exploration—that will allow you to play and improvise around ideas to do with circularity, the carnivalesque, and the breath. You ask me to provide a time limit, some instruction about space, and some generative limits on the exploration. 

As set out in Response 44, here is the score:

Erin Pickles' map-drawing of a walk through Viby

Erin’s drawing is the record of a walk through a particular area, but I want you to use it instead as a set of cryptic instructions (like a treasure map) to move through the ‘territory’ of our house in Charlotteparken. By ‘move’ I mean ‘dance’. By ‘dance’ I mean whatever your body can enjoy of creative movement given your advanced pregnancy.

Parameters and koans

  • Space: what your body recognises as our home
  • Frequency and duration: interpret the score more than once; your physical capacity (the onset of fatigue) determines the length of each dance-exploration
  • Circularity: in your exploration, note and return to (or resist) points of affective intensity (places where feeling is strong)
  • Carnivalesque: have fun
  • Breath: your body is a bellows; your body is a lung


Consider the ruminations from Drucker in my Response 44. The experience of home-space generated by your interpretation of the score should be shown in a somatic-affective diagram. Your physical experience and emotions are the metric: use them to graph our home. 

See Marie's response here.