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Final Project Task - Three to Four


Marie writes,

I began composing this task with a long introduction about the melancholy of finishing this personal landmark of a project with you. I then realised that – as you read this – I might be in labour and therefore shouting for you to come and hold my hand or to call the midwife! 

I will therefore get on with my instructions for this task and give a lengthier reflection in a different post. 

Some day we'll do this again!

Your task

This task – the task that will end the project - will start when I go into labour but continue over the following 5-6 days. What you will create at the end of this stretch of time is a family album of film clips, sound bites and photos recorded in the week gone by. 

You must record a short video and a few minutes of reflection or sound and take a handful of photos from my labour and the birth of our baby and our lives together the 5-6 days that follow it. Do the recordings/photos/reflections in the moment it occurs to you and when time allows it. Each day one video/photo/audio recording should be handed over for me or Lisa to be in charge of. This is to ensure that all family members and viewpoints are represented in the footage and that each of us (well, 3 out of 4!) have had agency in representing our new family situation. At the end of that week you will have accumulated material to piece together a film. 

The task may resemble your ‘Year Zero’ photography project from 2014 –from the first year of Lisa’s life – which lay the groundwork for your Response 4 – ‘Year Zero’ reconstructed from October 2018. You may use this way of working as a model for how you shape your response to this task. 

The film should include: 

  • Footage from every day of the week 
  • Bodies and voices of all family members
  • Both still photos and video and only sound from audio recordings/video 

Make this response a goodbye to the project but also an opening to something new. 

See Alan’s response here.