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Task 18 - Yoga mind map revisited


Marie writes:

Listening back to our conversation for the review talk with Mette was edifying. Here are a few (of several) points that the conversation clarified for me in regard to the project:

  • It is important to me to sustain my physical practice, use my expertise in dance and investigate the relationship between process and product.
  • What I find effective and interesting in the tasks is simplicity and a direct relationship between the parameters set in the task and the process/product that responds to it.
  • I have become aware of some of my flaws: my tendency to brace against the parameters and to hold my dance practice in a state of inferiority to written material.

I feel that these clarifications can open a new mode of investigation for me and allow a more inquisitive, fun and ‘happily creative’ approach to the project. I am very excited to continue our collaboration and discover where the next months of work will take us.

On that note, I hope to frame Task 18 in such a way that you will feel invited to consider some of the insights you had about the project during our talk.

Your Task 18 will involve the yoga event that we are teaching on Friday 25 January 2019 at the Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Aarhus. You already made a mind map for the presentation for Task 16. I want you to come back to some of this material and rework it with these parameters:

  • You can only use images and text that is already in the mind map
  • In your work with the material you have to reuse an aspect of your strategy for responding to Task 10 – Folding Back the Years
  • You may not make a film!
  • Find a way to expose the ‘in-between’

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