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Task 16 - Yoga mind map


Marie writes:

For this final task of the year – before we take a break for the holidays – I want you to work towards the upcoming yoga workshop we will co-teach in Aarhus in January 2019. I know you have already begun researching material for the talking part of the event. We have written a few blog posts about yoga together (lately Crosseyed and Painful? A dialogue on yoga, exoticism, appropriation and abuse but also this and this) and I feel this form of engaging with a subject usefully shapes our shared yoga interests. These blog posts as well as additional material, videos, photos etc will form the basis of your task and hopefully help you inform your thinking.

I also know that you enjoy creating mind maps. I came to think of this after completing my task 15 where I put together maps made as collages.

Your task

Make a mind map (either on an app on your computer or on a large piece of paper) that represents the different themes and elements you want to present at the yoga workshop in January 2019.

The mind map should give an overview of the themes you want to talk about and how the themes interact with one another or cross over. Find a way to represent this on the map. Your map must include images as well as aspects of conversations we have had or the blog posts we have written.

The final map must be presentable to the participants at the workshop and be informative yet aesthetically pleasing.

See Alan’s response here.