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Task 49 - Last Dance


Alan writes:

Your task this week, perhaps the last you will undertake on the project because our new baby may arrive any day now, is to respond to the score I created in response to Task 48. Here it is again. 


You asked that this score should be informed by several parameters, which you got from Yvonne Rainer, I think. I didn’t pay too much attention these, I admit, because of the distracted circumstances in which Response 48 was created, but I want to extract from these for your task.  

Your task 

‘Dance’ to the score at least once and as many times as you like, and record your activity in some way, whether directly (using audio or audiovisual tech) or retrospectively (using prose or drawing). Vocalise your activity as you engage in it. Here are your obstructions, intentionally cruel given your advanced pregnancy and the character of the score itself.  

  • no theme and variation 
  • no repetition 
  • a dance that doesn’t go anywhere 
  • no climax 
  • perform standing; ie. no lying on the floor 

Make this response a goodbye to the project. 

See Marie's response here.