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Task 48 - Another Score


Marie writes:

You are currently on a work trip to the United States and for this reason, I will keep this task as simple and straightforward as I can.

I want to be true to our ‘relay’ and not divert too much from previous tasks and responses but try to keep our work dealing with the same themes, the same material and in the same groove.

A quick reflection

Picking up from Response 47 – The Mind is a Muscle, I want to begin with a tribute to the use of ‘parameters’ starting with Yvonne Rainer. Rainer created a ‘No Manifesto’ in 1965:

Yvonne Rainer's 'No Manifesto'

The No Manifesto is a set of parameters – or benspænd if you like – that again underpins how obstructions can drive creative processes and outcomes. I find it so exciting that this method of using parameters for creativity keeps appearing in our projects in different formats and from different artists and scholars. In the case of No Manifesto, the connection between working with your score for Task 46 and the link to Rainer’s work was completely unconscious on my part.

Your task

I want to continue the making of scores and utilising of materials from Response 47. For this task, I want you to create an audio track to lay the ground for another score. You must create it from the two audio recordings I posted in Response 47, to be mixed with an additional audio recording that you make as part of your trip. This could be of yourself giving further instructions, a lecture or simply sounds from a train journey. Whatever you think will complete (or compliment) the existing tracks. Let the creation of the score be informed by (some of) the parameters below:

  • frame the ordinary
  • no theme and variation, no repetition, no use of conventional craft of making choreography and no phrasing
  • a dance that doesn’t go anywhere
  • no climax
  • performed with weighted ease
  • done with physical awareness
  • think minimalism
  • consider no one thing more important than the other
  • be interested in art unfolding like life

The final score should be an edited version of my two audio recordings and your own recording and come to max 8 minutes. Your outcome will be my next task!

See Alan's response here.