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Task 25 - Benspænd or Proust


Alan writes:

For this week's task I hesitated between setting something fun or setting something that would obstruct your poetics. I've decided to let you make the choice...or perhaps you can find a way to combine them? (Surely impossible!)

Choice 1 -  Making you stumble

You dislike focussing on outcomes when making work so that is exactly what you're asked to do here. My model is the 'obstruction', the 'benspænd' or 'tripping up', we have so often discussed in relation to the tasks set by Lars von Trier for Jørgen Leth in the film The Five Obstructions.

Your Task

Make an object (which can be a choreography or performance, or anything else) that has the exact structure/shape of the song 'A Hard Day's Night' by The Beatles. What do I mean by shape? I am referring to the opening chord, the arrangement of verses, refrain, solo, and the closing arpeggio. Find equivalents for the form and arrangement of these in the object you make and document.

Choice 2 - Celebrity interview

Newspapers and magazines often have a feature, based more or less distantly on what has come to be known as the 'Proust questionnaire', where they pose a stock set of questions to an author, celebrity or public figure with a publication or activity to advertise. I regularly read (and sometimes enjoy) the one that appears in the New Statesman magazine. Here's a screen grab of an example (full interview here):

Ade Adepitan interviewed in the New Statesman

Your Task

Answer the New Statesman questionnaire in the persona of an artist you dislike but grudgingly admire. The person can be existing or invented (or deceased) but you have to provide a description and image as per the example above, and imagine the piece of work or activity they are publicising. The set of questions can be found here.

See Marie's response here.