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Task 32 - Threes


Marie writes:

Scrolling through numerous images to create my collage for Response 31 – yes/no I do/don’t, I noticed the frequency of pictures featuring two people or two objects, often juxtaposed for symmetry or as allies/antagonists. I became curious about the number three. What happens when two become three or when three becomes four? How does it change an image or the constellation of people/objects represented?

For your next task I want you to explore your ‘relationship’ with three featuring three particular subject matters. I propose themes below to work with, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these.

Your task

You proposed themes to work with in Task 31 – You don’t say. Three of them I didn’t manage to represent to any great extent.

  1. Your anxiety about aging and career
  2. Living with whiteness
  3. Our family income

Your task is to work with these three subjects (or others) and place them in relationship to each other. How could they be represented in objects or photos and placed in relation? Make (an) installation(s) or image(s).

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