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Response 31 – yes/no I do/don't


Dear Alan,

Thanks for your Task 31– You don’t say. Here is my response.


Pregnant body                        tick

Sri Lanka                                  tick

Islamophobia                          tick

Danish politics                        tick

Donald Trump                         tick

Climate change                       tick

Lisa                                          tick

Aging                                       semitick

Crisis in Ashtanga Yoga           TICK

Brexit                                      semitick

Family income                        no tick



Suffering             family             threes           twos      skin         sexual          asexual

unsexual          white women              white men          aging men                  joke



My poetics of redaction

The redacted sections in the Muller report – pictured in your task – is fascinating. What of course becomes visible are the redactions themselves. My eyes are drawn to the blacked-out sections and it makes me more curious to know what is censored. My approach to the redaction was to create a similar effect: how could the dark bits – or in my case pink– draw more attention to that area.

I decided to post both my ‘censored’ version as well as the original collage. I did not feel that anything in the collage was unfit for public view (you might disagree!) and perhaps in the process of redacting I have indeed highlighted my own feelings and relationship with the images presented in the collage.

See here for next task.