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Task 14 – Car Journey Relay


Marie writes:

I have enjoyed focusing on simply tracking journeys in my response to Task 13 (and not finishing an outcome). I think it has freed me up to create material which is rather uneventful (something I might have been concerned with if I had to work with the material myself—luckily, I do not!). As I begin to explain in my response to Task 13, I am curious about the contradiction between the camera as static/creating uneventful footage and the movement of the car/us and ‘eventful’ conversations. It is this aspect that sets the scene for how I would like you to work with the material.

As your tasks requests, I will curate the material and let you and the parameters collaborate on an outcome (due to large files and the private character of some conversations, I will not share the footage and material online but pass it on to you directly). Here is how I want you to work with my material.

Your task

Your task will be to tease out what you find exciting, exhilarating or fun in the material and to create a short film of max 5 minutes from it. How can you play with the ‘extremes’ of the material to foreground the “action” and utilise* the footage to portray the in-between as something eventful. Think: what would Tom (Cruise) have made of this material?

Here are your parameters:

  • The film should be max 5 minutes
  • You must use at least four different types of material (audio and film)
  • You can only use material I have provided
  • You must have at least 20 seconds of continuous silence (no speaking)
  • You cannot use titles or text on screen other than the ones required to introduce the film and write credits

*You mention in your task to consider the ethics of handing over material. There are two aspects to this: 1) The handling of the content and 2) the artistic usage of it.

  1. As we are both involved in (most of) the footage/audio I suspect we both have a stake in the content and how it is used. I expect that you will employ the audio material with discretion.
  2. I have tried to build obstructions into the parameters that will allow you to have fun working with the material and give it your own mark while still capturing the essence of the footage which I find interesting and I made an effort to produce.

See Alan's response here.