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Task 10 - Folding Back the Years

Marie writes:
Time has been at the forefront of tasks for the past weeks with activities of performance and reenactment. You dealt with 'yoga time' for Task 8 and I was 'folding time' for Task 9. I will continue in this groove with a task that deals with time as space as you suggest about the cubist painting by Georges Braque in your Task 9. I have enjoyed working with my own field of expertise — dance and choreography — and will ask you to take a leap back to your years working with visual arts. I made interesting discoveries about my dance past when re-embodying the performance of 'Social Disease' for Task 9.
For your Task 10 you must recreate an art piece from your time at Dartington College of Arts or something you made in the time that followed. It might be remade from your memory or it might be a reproduction of a piece you have saved as a memento or souvenir.
When you work with the material I want you think about:
  • repetition
  • folding
  • 'twiceness'
Bring back to the project photographs of the piece and any reflections that accompanied the process.