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Response 7 - Ordinal Thoughts


Dear Alan,

Thanks for your Task 7. Please find below links to the three versions that summarise conversations we have had about the project. I have, as your task requested, avoided altering or revising the three versions but left them exactly as I wrote them. I am not very comfortable doing this as I find – after rereading each of them – that they are inaccurate, at times unfair and most certainly subjective. Alas, the task was not to judge my writing and so the response corresponds to the instructions you gave me. A little caveat here; these are meditations of our conversations and I will not claim that my representation of your words are correct and I might even at times disagree with some of the things I say myself!

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Not unexpectedly, the progression of thought from ‘version 1’ to ‘version 3’ is significant. Version 1 feels like a decluttering of my mind to locate thoughts. Version 2 is grappling with what questions to consider in relation to the conversations we have. Version 3 takes its starting point in a conversation we had subsequent to my two previous versions and uses this to unpick a specific discussion we have had about process and product. The task has made me consider the value of writing as a way of ‘thinking on paper’ and the importance of rewriting the same ideas to extract and clarify the essence of what I want to say.

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