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Task 6 - The Dad Dance


Marie writes:

The creation of the choreography for the response to Task 5 presented me with an obvious Task 6 for you: Perform the ‘dad dancing’ choreography. As I was working with the choreography for Dad Dancing I toyed with the idea of using the male figures from Lisa’s play corner to demonstrate the choreography. It didn’t quite work for me for this part of the process as the men (a few of which are genderless Playmobil figures) have a limited range of movement and I did not feel they allowed me to do the choreography I wanted. It does present an interesting obstruction to work with ‘bodies’ with such limited range of movement – again a comment on the unskilled ‘dad dancing’. I pass on the challenge to you!

You must create two versions of The Dad Dance. One version where you have a go at the choreography yourself and a second version where you use the male figures from Lisa’s play corner (pictured above) to imitate the choreography or composition. Whether you want to capture this on camera as a continuous shot or as a stop animation film or any other way I will leave up to you. Your final response must in some way represent both of the versions.

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