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Task 36 - Entry and Exit


Marie writes:

In the past weeks I have been preoccupied with transitional spaces and facilities and how design and architecture construct this environment and affect our movement within it. One obvious transitional space I find particularly fascinating is that of doors and doorways: openings and points of entry/exit that are practical but also metaphorical, connoting beginnings and endings.

The School of Architecture in Aarhus describes one of their teaching programmes named New Beginningslike this:

New beginnings[…] aim[s] to critically investigate the production of architecture under unstable territorial and environmental conditions, both now and as imagined – shifted – in the future.

The description goes on to talk about ‘loss of identity’ and ‘territorial tension’, setting a goal for the students to bear these concepts in mind when they go on to ‘develop their own architectural agenda responding to a site-specific “environmental” context.’

For us, this year has been all about new beginnings and constant adaptation to changes: pregnancy, a new language for you, moving house twice, just to mention a few. Additionally, work events of the past week have sent you into a certain turmoil of identity which may lead to still further changes.

Your Task

I haven’t been able to conceptualise precisely how your task should be executed. All I know is that these matters above seem important and I will leave you with three coordinates which should orientate or be included in the production of a response.

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