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Task 23 - Stage Fright


Alan writes:

This week’s task builds on the last few tasks and responses, which have all being concerned with negotiating each other’s poetics and defining our own, and imagining some aspects of a performance deriving from the project. For reasons defensible (my artistic preferences) and childish (my timidity), I haven’t managed to investigate the aspects of improvisation and process that are foregrounded in your own work, even when explicitly required to do so. Let’s face it—I won’t until I have to, and am made to. Whence this week’s task.

Your task

As with Task 21, your task is to ‘workshop’ or to ‘rehearse’ a segment, dimension or theme from a project performance. However, you are not the performer in this segment, but its director. The performer-puppet is me.

That’s it. Trepidation and trembling hands mean I can type no more.

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