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Task 22 - Move Speak Repeat


Marie writes:

I am sorry for my ‘cranky’ suggestion that we should not work together... I think I meant to say that I am still experiencing moments of being ‘unhappily creative’ and really, I recognise this feeling as being something I have to work through to find out how to approach the work to be ‘happily creative’: that place where I lose track of time and look forward to engaging with a task. This week, responding to Task 21, might have been the beginning of a turning point as I thoroughly enjoyed the work. Something made sense to me and I feel that it is leading me in a positive direction.

To help me along with this, your next task is about developing my ideas from Response 21. As I commented at the end of my response, I am not entirely sure where the rehearsal for ‘Accumulation’ is going. This is what you will hopefully help me uncover in your task this week. I am interested in seeing how you may develop my idea but also this invitation is to continue to ‘more deliberately or more “proximately” to collaborate […] and cross sabres’ as you put it in Task 13.

Your task

Your task is to continue working with the format of repetitive movements and speaking. Trisha Brown describes her work on Accumulation as integrating a gesture into her kinaesthetic system and repeating it until it is assimilated.  She then adds the next movement. This is a long process and I am not asking you to choreograph but simply to play around/workshop an idea while speaking about it. I want you to use movements that are familiar to you. This may be yoga movements or everyday gestures you do or perhaps you can consider ‘moves’ derived from the project. I suggest you try between 5-10 gestures/movements. How can they be layered? While you do it speak out loud about your thought processes. 

How you wish to document this is up to you. Perhaps you want to mimic my previous video?

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