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Task 20 - Time wasting/Exercising/Mark making


Marie writes:

Following a conversation we just had about how our different forms of expertise as academic/artist are a strength for this project, this next task is an attempt to get you to embrace my approach, with improvisation and process to the fore.

For Task 19 you wrote this: “One of our concerns in this project is to find a way to know, to navigate and negotiate each other’s poetics, defined as the set of values, tastes and procedures according to which we make our work (be that artistic or academic work). At some point, when we collaborate on a ‘piece’ (a film, a performance, some writing), we will have to find a shared space of poetics (something like that) from which to produce the joint work.”

The task I’m setting is one I would be thrilled to receive as it abstract and allows improvisation. I am interested to find out how you feel about this task and how you will work with it. I guess you can say that I am trying to get you to work within the continuum of ‘my poetics’.

This is your Task 20:

Your task is to get closer to finding a shared poetics or ways of working together. How this should be done is up to you. Your only parameters are the inclusion of these three activities from our extended list of practices

  • Time wasting
  • Exercising
  • Mark making

 …and aspects of these three bits of material (their form, associations or location):

It may be that your response doesn’t give a product or an output. It may be that your investigation simply leads to another task that you pass on to me. In your response, be as precise as possible in showing/explaining your (thinking behind your) choices of how to work with the task, images and practices.

See Alan's response here.