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Task 17 - Talk Film


Alan writes:

We've taken a break from our project tasks over Christmas and New Year, but have taken the opportunity to review the project so far in a pair of written reflections (here and here) and a recorded conversation facilitated by Mette Terp Høybye in which we discussed the following questions:

  • How well do the introductory texts describe what we have ended up doing? How might they be updated to better reflect our activities?
  • Looking back, which of the tasks do you like? Why?
  • Which of the responses do you like? Why?
  • Do any of the activities in the responses introduce novel forms of working or surprising ways of dealing with tasks? Do any of the responses point the way forward to something else?
  • What differences between our creative personalities have been revealed? How can these differences be deployed productively to take the project to its next stage?
  • How well does the project as a whole serve our goals of:
    • (a) laying the groundwork for a hybrid mode of artistic/academic work?
    • (b) offering a model for artistic/academic collaboration?
    • (c) developing the mechanisms and protocols for innovative creative research?
  • What can we do to take the project to the next stage in terms of achieving these three goals?

The recorded conversation with Mette was quite animated and productive, and I think an edited version would be useful to post on this website as part of our 'going public' with the project.

Your Task

Review the footage of the 90-minute conversation on 4 January with you, me and Mette. Find material that can represent our distinct perspectives and that suggests 'what next' for the project. But rather than content, the film should focus on our relationship, and should feature roughly equal contributions from you and I, as well as questions or comments from Mette. You should avoid 'illustrating' the points we make by interpolating photos or audiovisual material even if these might help a viewer navigate the project. You may use onscreen captions if you wish for this purpose (indicating a particular task or response, say), but the film itself, apart from any captions, opening titles and closing credits, should feature only the footage of the three of us. 

The film should be max. twelve minutes long.

See Marie's response here.