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Task 15 - HomeTownNation


Alan writes:

The theme of location in the last few tasks (see Response 12 or Response 14) has partly inspired this one, as have the drawings made in response to those tasks, or made by or for our daughter Lisa. This is your last task before our Christmas break (though I will have another one to do), so I also thought I would return to the theme of nation I proposed in the project’s first task.

Your task

Make five drawings of the following in the order given:

  1. Stensballe (the locality where we live)
  2. Horsens (the town where we live)
  3. Jutland (the region of Denmark where Horsens is located)
  4. Denmark
  5. Nation as such

An element or aspect of each of the first four drawings should be included in the subsequent drawing. Imagine you are making these drawings to explain these places (or the concept of nation) to our daughter Lisa, who will soon be five.

See Marie's response here.